Sponsor Plan

Donate to Primed Community We offer free community classes in vulnerable & low-income neighborhoods in Medellín. By teaching English, along with other skills, in a group setting, we aim to support local people who are working hard to protect, improve and share their diverse communities. 

Our graduates use their English to:

 – Lead tours of their communities 
– Offer workshops to tourists 
– Sell local products to international customers
– Gain work opportunities
-And most importantly, tell their own story of the history and community of their homes.


In February 2024 we are opening a new course in the Manrique neighborhood of Medellín, known for its diverse community, made up of descendants of migrants from all over Colombia. In 2022 the Constelaciones Macromural project supported local artists to decorate over 300 walls with unique graffiti which tells the history of the neighborhood. Combined, these houses make up the “macromural”, which can be seen from miles away. 

The local community hopes to make this a tourist attraction and are already offering tours in Spanish, and want to offer the same experience in English and invite international tourists. With your support, we can offer our free Storytellers English classes to the local artists, guides, entrepreneurs and business owners. We want to make sure that the opportunity isn’t stolen by large, external tour agents and that the rich community in Manrique can tell their own story to the world. 

For just $412 USD you can sponsor one student to complete our two year, award winning* Storytellers English program.

Your donation will be used for:

  • Materials for the community classes.
  • Use and development of our unique, immersive, task-based curriculum.
  • Development and maintenance of our online learning platform, which allows students to prepare for class and learn as efficiently as possible, as well as becoming part of our diverse community of learners, allies and volunteers.
  • Weekly online practice sessions with native speakers, in addition to the main, group classes. 
  • Logistical costs, such as promoting the services of our graduates, coordinating our network of volunteers and organizing our community activationswhere our students lead local events, such as performances, cultural exchanges and local cleanups or decorations.

We will send you updates during the program, to show you the student’s progress and achievements, as well as information about the events and activities they coordinate. 

If you have any questions please contact us in English or Spanish: [email protected]

Thank you so much for your support. 

Comuna 13 - Testimonial


“This is the opportunity that I have taken to take control of my life”.