storytellers con estudiante de ingles para empresas

Community Tours

Storytellers share their personal and community experiences and you support local initiatives.

profesora de baile y creadora de conversemos y bailemos

Cultural Immersion

Colombian dance, cooking, coffee and other cultural immersions to get connected

profesor de yoga en arco

Wellness workshops

Private classes and workshops to help you create balance in your life across 8 dimensions.

caminata al lado del rio en colombia

Outdoor experiences

Connect with our community and impactful allies in outdoor experiences.

abrazando partes de la comunida con corazon y mente

Empowered Communites

Our project is active in Comunas 1, 4 and 13 in Medellín and reaches out all around Colombia.

chota graffiti with elephant memory comuna 13

Mutually Beneficial

Learn and be immersed while supporting opportunities for people in situations of vulnerabilty.

volunteer with students in a circle in front of the san javier library

Impactful contribution

Support our experiences to help us continue to impact people and communities in Colombia.

We faciliate experiences to all members of our community, immersing ourselves in culture, learning, and experiential outings.

We help our students to improve wellness, communication and social skills in real and interesting contexts.

We offer job and growth opportunities to our extended community of allies.

We weave community, with all the experiences supporting our social projects.

Discounts and VIP access with our Community Membership.