A global community with opportunities for everyone

Supporting change through fostering a sustainable global community.

We are an integrated learning community formed in 2016 with the purpose of providing learning and development for everyone.

That is why one of our interests is to bring quality education and training opportunities to people in situations of vulnerability to positively impact their lives and communities through the promotion of skills acquisition and  personal development through immersive learning methodologies. 


Provide learning and development opportunities for everyone.


A global community with learning and development opportunities for everyone with a focus on people in situations of vulnerability using expert and volunteer contributions.


To foster a sustainable global community with opportunities for everyone supported by a connected network of experts and volunteers.


Contribute to the development of the population through learning programs.
Reduce inequality between people so that everyone has the same opportunities for academic and employment access.
· Teach classes using modern, immersive and flexible methodologies.
· Create job opportunities to generate sustainable economic growth in the communities.
· Connect people in the community with a network of support and positive social movements in order to share their learning.
· Have a network of trained people and volunteers who contribute to social projects through their knowledge.
· Create spaces for development and integration, such as: community gardens, workshops on various topics, community Christmas and others.
· Make the foundation known nationally and internationally to receive support from interested people.

2019 Award

Awarded for Social entrepreneurship in the category of human development and peace


Nationally and internationally for community project Storytellers formation


International finalists in Social Innomarathon hosted by SAP

Be a part of our community

Social Projects

We focus on providing learning and development opportunities for everyone. Support sustainable change by volunteering your unique skillset.

Immersion Experiences

Support our community through engaging with experiences such as tours, dance classes and other community immersions.

Learning Courses

We offer experience-based learning opportunities personalised to your context relating to English and Spanish learning and skills development.