Connect to community to create impact

Personalised volunteering experiences where you can support initiatives or share your skills with our project and community.

Community Support

Support our ongoing projects with activities and simple tasks, online or in our commmunity
less than a 20 hours per month

Dandelion Principle

Volunteering designed to maximise your potential and social impact.

Impact Volunteer

Create or help us to implement a course, workshop or project with us or with our allies.
more than 20 hours, >1 month

In western traditions if you blow out a dandelion seedhead and make a wish it will come true. Our program works by helping our volunteers reliase their potential for impact and sending them out (or blowing them out) to the community with their skillset and good intention. At the beginning of the process we may not know the final destination of our intention but we know, just like the dandelion, that our intention and good composition will help our community wherever we land.

As a dandelion volunteer we embody the principles of making the most out of minimal resources and being resilient, flexible and nurturing in our style and approach. We send out our taproots to connect with our environment and enrich our surrounds by distributing key resources with our community.

Create sustainable change

We need your support so that you can contribute to our allied social organisations and our Primed projects.


We connect you with the project that catches your attention and could benefit from your profile so that you can maximise your impact as a volunteer.

Support Volunteer

Impact Volunteer

What's Included? Support. Volunteer Impact Volunteer
Application form and request for a resume
Initial presentation meeting and tintico
Support choosing volunteer project or organisation
Interview with the organization (face-to-face or virtual)
Definition of functions and volunteer schedule
Legal documentation management(terms and conditions, volunteer agreement, duties and rights of volunteers, code of ethics)
Accompaniment and support before arrival to Colombia (or before you start)
Informational booklets: +volunteer experience +essentials checklist +Colombian recommendations
Experience induction by the Primed team
Project induction by organising entity (Project lead or allied organisation)
Weekly visit for volunteer supervision
Monthly visit for volunteer supervision
24/7 support through Whatsapp
non-priority Monday to Friday support
Follow-up evaluation
goodbye and closure
Certification of volunteer experience
Accident insurance
Donation so a community beneficiary can take communityclasses
Minimum volunter period - 1 week
Minimum volunter period - 1 week

How can I be a volunteer with Primed?

If you speak English

Volunteer in our English classes in and around Medellín. Support our teachers in-class activities and social projects.

If you speak Spanish

Be a support or impact volunteer helping us to implement a course, workshop or project with us or with our allies foundations.

If you want to be involved

Help us clean up the community, build gardens or support our allied organisation.

If you want to share your passion

Lead an immersive workshop, we help you plan it in English or Spanish, you choose!

If you want to teach

We are looking for experienced and certified teachers who are native speakers of Spanish or English. We have paid and volunteer positions with flexible hours.

If you want to take classes

Our social projects are possible thanks to the funds we receive from ourlanguage classes. By studying English or Spanish you help support the community.

If you want to share your skills

Get in touch with us if you feel your skills could help us.You can be a good writer or good with social networks or audiovisual topics, weare interested in getting to know you!