Spanish or English

supports projects

Through language learning and social experiences we empower those in the Medellín community to give back.

Not your average language
learning experience

Immerse yourself (and have fun!)

Our practical learning experiences aren’t like a regular classroom. Role play, visit local markets, talk to native speakers, and more.

Personalise your learning plan

We’ll customise your program based on what you want to learn. Start using the language immediately, even if you’re a beginner.

Become part of the community

Join our events and workshops, or give back by volunteering with our service projects. Make friends and get involved!

Why learn with us?

Choose your adventure

Study privately or in a group, online and in-person, or customise it

Meet specific goals

Become fluent, pass exams, grow your business, or go travel

Learn quickly

Talk with native speakers and start using the language right away

Give back

All language programs fund our impact and community projects

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