Local Immersions

Engage with our community and support change

Immersions in communities where we're active

We support initiatives in the communities where our projects are active. This helps the local area be self-sustaining and for visitors to immerse themselves in cultural experiences and connect with community.

Rewarded the Recon Colombia award for Social Entrepreneurship in 2019 in the category of Peace and Human development, this project helps empower people in situations of vulnerabity to take control of their circumstances and connect with opportunity.

Since 2016 we have cocreated with communities in Medellín and around Colombia to help them be storytellers (local tour guides) or use the platform to empower their initiatives and entrepreneurships.

Our guides choose to actively support the social project where they received their storyteller formation

Currently, our Storytellers have tours in:

Coffee and Baristas

Local Comuna 13 residents share their stories of transformation as a marginalised community that converted into an amazing tourism destination thanks to the artistic expression of graffiti artists and the formation of Storytellers offering tours in English and empowering local initiatives.

In what was one of the most dangerous places in the city and the country fifteen years ago, a story of transformation and resilience is shared by the community. The history and culture of the commune are transmitted step by step, until you reach a taste of the local cuisine: homemade ice cream with Colombian fruits.

Chocolate and Campo

ravel to San Rafael and stay in a rustic retreat to enjoy the peaceful relaxation of your own natural swimming pool at the foot of a waterfall. Choose from a variety of experiences led by amazing people that also supports the local economy.

San Rafael and Sweet Chocolate

Stay on a traditional farm (with a sweet twist) in the San Rafael area surrounded by amazing rivers, beautiful nature, and a traditional style of life.

Relax in your private cabin disconnected from the world and enjoy authentic campesino experiences and your own private sanctuary. 


  • hikes and farm experiences
  • fishing and birth watching
  • river visit and other excursions
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