Educational & Cultural trips for groups

We believe that cultural immersions and volunteering are powerful educational practices in which the knowledge, skills and empowerment of the local people is highlighted and supported by international visitors who want to experience and recognize other faces of our city “Medellín”. 

Immersions in communities where we're active

We support initiatives in the communities where our projects are active. This helps the local area be self-sustaining and for visitors to immerse themselves in cultural experiences and connect with community.

Rewarded the Recon Colombia award for Social Entrepreneurship in 2019 in the category of Peace and Human development, this project helps empower people in situations of vulnerabity to take control of their circumstances and connect with opportunity.

Since 2016 we have cocreated with communities in Medellín and around Colombia to help them be storytellers (local tour guides) or use the platform to empower their initiatives and entrepreneurships.

Our guides choose to actively support the social project where they received their storyteller formation

Currently, our Storytellers have tours in:

Support our community initiatives