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New community classes in Moravia

We started community classes again in Moravia Join our interactive community classes that combine learning English with life skills. Learn and develop your English skills in a fun and interactive environment. Be in contact with teachers and volunteers from many parts of the world, Or as a volunteer, connect with Colombian culture. We are starting

5 tips to achieve fluency in Spanish, English and other languages

When we begin to learn a language what we want is to start communicating quickly without having to think too much about grammar. We know that languages are to communicate. We use various tricks to advance our learning process in a natural way using our context and resources in the community. To achieve fluency, here

Primed: What does our name mean?

We are Primed community! But aside from seeing Primed and its variants across multiple large brands and in different forms, what does the word Primed actually mean? It has been a central part of our communities identity since it’s beginning in 2016 but why was it chosen and what does it mean to us? What

12 things that happened in Primed – 2021

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Primed Community (@staging-proyectoprime.kinsta.cloud) Creating community is what we do. At Primed we share our learning and experiences together so we can all grow and connect with opportunity. 2021 was a difficult year for everyone but in our community, we focused on what we could do and

Recon Summit 2021 in Bogota

Social entrepreneurship in Colombia is a relatively new concept that started to gain traction over the past 5 years. Central to this change and conscientization is Recon Colombia, a foundation of the second level that helps visualize social entrepreneurs and create a connected community that can learn, share and grow together to create greater social

Comuna Christmas: What’s coming in 2021

Community connections revitalise us and help us grow. At the end of each year is a special festive time for a lot of the world and in Colombia it extends to over a month of celebrations through December and January. At Primed we’ve always cultivated community and in this time period we have celebrated our

Updating our story: Storyteller Formation

Storytelling is the community connector that has accompanied us since our early human beginnings huddled around campfires and has been an essential part of Primed since 2016. Being a storyteller allows us to share experiences, create understanding and paint unseen realities with our communities.  We can be empowered by our own narrative, using and evolving

Blended learning as a solution to the educational environment of global pandemics

Blended learning is the combination of virtual and face-to-face methodologies as an integrated learning offer. Simply understood as a hybrid methodology, blended learning is a composite approach to the new demands in education and our day-to-day interactions. Not to be confused with in-person classes with a video lazily added on as homework, blended learning is

My Experience Being A Virtual Volunteer For Primed Community

English Teaching As a United Planet volunteer I could choose where to virtually volunteer. After hearing about the immersive language experience Primed offers, I knew Primed was my preferred opportunity. My first experience with Primed Community was a conversational English class. After attending the last class from the previous teacher, Sonia, I was introduced as