Tour Medellín and Colombia with local Storytellers.

Impact through storytelling.

Take a guided tour of Medellín with youth who grew up here. Get an immersive experience and support the local community at the same time.

The Storytellers story

The beginning

Students in our San Javier and Santo Domingo English classes transformed into tour guide "storytellers."

Applied language learning

We focused on applying language in the real world, designing, rehearsing and improving tours of our local communities using its own story and our personal anecdotes.

Meaningful work

We teach English and train storytellers so they can earn an income using their new language and skills.

The Tours

Comuna 13 tour

See the graffiti and live the transformation of Comuna 13 with the Storytellers from San Javier, Medellín. Once the most dangerous neighborhood in the world, Comuna 13 is now a colourful area full of life and beautiful street art.

*new* Santo Domingo tour

Santo Domingo has its own story. Learn about the growth of the community, its good and bad memories, the scars left by corruption and personal stories. All situated around the metrocable going to Parque Arvi.

Why the Storytellers?

The Storytellers formed as a way of using direct experience to help students learn. The project has since transformed to be an employment platform and Proyecto Prime’s largest impact project to date.

Storyteller Benefits

Hear personal stories from local residents. Learn firsthand about the transformation of Medellín from those who lived through the good and bad.

This program provides jobs for youth who learned English in our community classes. Storytellers also help with our social projects.

Join a free, tips-based tour seven days a week, or schedule your own private tour. All proceeds go back to the program.

We want you to have a special experience with a small group and our storytellers. We limit our free, tips-based group tours to no more than 15 people.

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