Whether you’ve moved to Medellín or you’re traveling Colombia, this is a great way to learn the essentials. Practice ordering food, asking for the bathroom or how to get around, and understanding the answers. 

Key Features

Made for beginners

Don’t know “hola” from “chau?" Don’t worry, you’re in the right place. We've got you sorted.

Have fun

Enjoy the process through engaging activities, real life situations and immersions in our community.

Blended learning

Use interactions, online content and engaging sessions to amplify your learning experience in different contexts.

A practical approach

Our curriculum focuses on vocabulary you’ll actually use, not reciting grammar.

It's not just grammar

You’ll learn functional language in real scenarios outside the classroom and put it straight to use.

Support the community

When you take classes with us, you support the impactful community projects where we invest our profits.


Don’t waste your time in a generic group course if you’re here to learn the basics. Learn at your own pace, focus on what is useful for you and start speaking Spanish with our introduction to the important essentials.

Engaging Content

Have fun learning new content with videos, games, music and other resources.

Activities and Interactions

Use self-guided activities and optional interactions to practise and improve your Spanish.

Personalised Sessions

Personalised Spanish sessions taught by native speakers and designed around your level, likes and needs.  


Learning Portal

Online activities to supplement your learning and connect with other learners

Partner Benefits

Get benefits like discounts, freebies and gifts from our partners in the community

Interaction Sessions

Have conversations or do guided activities with native Spanish speakers

Immersion Experiences

Use Spanish in real experiences to improve in a natural and productive way 


Learn Spanish at your own pace, whether that’s full time or just once a week. Understand the basic structures of Spanish, learn useful vocabulary and phrases, and immerse yourself in Spanish-speaking environments.

Contact us for discounts on the complete package (5 modules) or to speed up your learning process with interactions with native speakers.

(15 hours)
1,000,000 COP
per module
  • 5 in-person sessions (15 hours)
  • Bonus content - self-guided resources (5 hours)
  • Immersive experiences like salsa, volunteering and visiting the market
  • Discounts on food, events and more through our partners

Ready to speak Spanish?

Get through the basics and start speaking right away
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