Spanish Fluency

[ Become fluent ]

Fluency is a program that allows you to interact in Spanish in a virtual or semi-face-to-face way with people belonging to our community, in addition to receiving feedback from teachers focused on improving fluency.


contenido entretenido y útil para mejorar tu fluidez y conocimiento.


Mantén conversaciones con personas de nuestra comunidad para soltarte y practicar.


Obtener más fluidez gracias a la retroalimentación de nuestros profesores.


Connect with the community and receive the feedback you need.

Virtual interactions with members of our community.

Online or face-to-face feedback with native speaking teachers.

  • For people who speak, but want to improve their fluency in Spanish.
  • Extensive library of interesting content to expand your vocabulary and knowledge.
  • Private classes with certified teachers.
  • Flipped learning where teachers help you fill in the gaps in your Spanish.
  • Access to events, workshops and more with the Community Pass - Basic.


10 hours
620,000 COP
  • 8 interactions online
  • 4 Feedbacks face-to-face
  • Library of content
  • Community Pass - Basic

Semi face-to-face

10 hours
620,000 COP
  • 8 interacions online
  • 8 Feedbacks face-to-face
  • Library of content
  • Community Pass - Basic

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