En lugar de enseñarte, queremos ayudarte a aprender a través de experiencias inmersivas y personalizadas en compañia de una comunidad de apoyo.

Utilizamos contenido personalizado enfocado en mejorar tus habilidades comunicativas a través de experiencias reales.


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Personalised and flexible

A fun way to learn Spanish. Certifiable quality with captivating content.


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Aprende lo necesario de FORMA rÁpidA

Curso intensivo para comenzar a comunicarse en español y saber lo que necesitas para sobrevivir.


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Become fluent

Chat with the community and receive personalized feedback to speak fluently.

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Spanish Immersion

Language learning with immersive experiences.

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Conoce nuestras ofertas

Help, help you, help others.

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00:32 27 Oct 20
I've improved my English a lot with your classes. Also for foreigners looking to learn Spanish, it's a very good place,... you'll learn it while having experiences speaking more
02:58 20 Aug 20
My experience improving my English speaking skills online with Primed Community has been wonderful. They have created a... useful and helpful place online for people like me who want to practice english as a second language. They not only give us the opportunity to learn English but also to grow and expand our knowledge by sharing our thoughts and different points of view on very interesting topics. I would recommend Primed Community to anyone because they are doing a great job and making a positive impact on society. Thanks you!read more
Florian Jung
Florian Jung
03:11 02 Feb 20
Thats probaly the best place to learn spanish in Medellin!Enthusiastic, knowledgeable, profound and with the right... involvement in the more
Gerardo Arias
Gerardo Arias
18:00 24 Sep 19
My name is Marleny, and I want to share my experiencie with Primed Community, I love to learn English, and I feel... really grateful for this proyect, through that, I have improved my English, and I am ready to face all the more
Alejandra Velásquez
Alejandra Velásquez
16:58 24 Sep 19
The best of our one commune 😍😍😍👏👏👏👏
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