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Sponsor Projects

We´re constantly growing our community and our impact. To continue to provide learning and opportunities to communities in situations of vulnerability, we need your help.
Support our projects, or a specific community so they can take control over their path and access opportunity.

Sponsor a person or group  to connect to learning opportunities and help grow sustainable communities.

Each month includes

  • 8 community English classes (local)
  • 8 virtual English classes of 1 hour
  • Virtual conversation clubs;
  • minimum of 1 immersive workshops
  • minimum of 1 community immersion – exchange


Since 2016 we have been active in Medellin/Colombia supporting the growth of sustainable communities with access to quality learning and work opportunities.

From small beginnings in San Javier, we have been expanding locally in Santo Domingo, Moravia, the centre and other regional areas.
Nationally, we´ve done a pilot in Termales, Choco and are expanding into other locations like Rio Sucio, the amazon and more.

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1 month, 3 months, 1 year


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