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Aimed at companies in specific sectors (commercial, administrative, managerial, technology, sustainability, environment, innovation, among other issues that are required).

  • Community membership(courses, classes, resources and events)
  • Virtual interactions with native speakers weekly.
  • Weekly classes with native teachers.
  • Quarterly Immersive Experiences (tours, workshops and classes)


Complete and certified programs, based on international standards designed for all types of businesses., from SMEs to large corporations, with content designed for your industry and needs.

This is a great resource to improve your resume or that of your employees. In a complete program and with international guidelines, designed for all types of companies. We know that it is difficult to communicate with a client abroad and even more so when current dynamics require a second language, that is why we offer you an English program that adapts to the specific needs of your company through the use of language in immersive situations. with teamwork, networks and professional development integrated into our methodology.

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Interacciones Mensuales

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