Tours with local storytellers

We use English as a way to help underserved populations gain meaningful work. Applied English learning in a real context that uses the world as a classroom.


We provide English development sessions and tour guide training to underserved populations. This project is offered as a combined language learning and skill development opportunity.


People lack opportunities, not ability. English is a great skill to develop to connect globally and broaden employment opportunities. In Colombia, many people don’t have access to quality education options.


This project is aimed at underserved population, primarily youth 16-20 years old. We have implemented the metholodgy in Comuna 13 (San Javier) and in Comuna 1 (Santo Domingo).


We used an experience based CLIL methodology focused on functional English, storytelling and being a guide. Sessions are offered for free and are supported by public entities like El Cedezo and the San Javier library 

Further information

To take advantage of the English sessions we share with Comuna 1 (Santo Domingo) and Comuna 13 (20 de Julio) our students applied their learning to a vocational platform – training to be tour guides. The initial project was developed by Philippa Coleman from the University of Queensland.

Rather than only being about  the language we focus on the real world application of language so that its use has meaning for our students. In place of just repeating exercises from a textbook we collaborate with our students to help them design, rehearse and improve tours of their local communities. Through doing this their English learning is based in a relatable context and our students have the opportunity of working with their knowledge to be self-sustaining and successful. At the moment both groups are continuing with their tours and some are using it as their principle income.

We are continuing the process of reformation of the tours and are planning on launching a similar program in another area of Medellín shortly.

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