Learn languages through experience.

We teach English through experiences and immersive activities. Sessions (classes) are supported by volunteers, public spaces and other social entities.

These sessions are a structured approach to the free classes we have been giving in San Javier since 2016 – originally “Stairway to English”.


We offer free community English sessions in various locations in Colombia. We use a communicative approach supported by a volunteer network.


Learning English provides social and economic opportunities that members of the community wouldn’t have otherwise. These sessions also connect locals and English-speaking volunteers to grow a supportive global network.


This project is aimed at underserved communities that can directly benefit from English. We have implemented the methodology in Comuna 13 (San Javier) and in Comuna 1 (Santo Domingo, Popular), Medellín. We have also piloted a program in Moravía and Termales en El Chocó. 


Prime provides a customised curriculum based on the CEFR. We use our experience based methodology and the support of our volunteer community to teach English to groups as large as 90 people.

Graduates from our San Javier Sessions

Further information

Born at the top of the picturesque electric escalators of the comuna 13, this wonderful project was started in August 2015 by Milena Palavilla. It has seen great success in the development of students English over this time and has provided a solid base for various other related community projects.

What was initially just English classes (Stairway to English) has grown into various events and activities such as our community projects, language exchanges and comuna tours. It has also spread out of Medellín into regional areas like Termales in El Chocó.

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