Urban gardens and community development

Creating sustainable cities and communities through active participation in urban gardening and the beautification of public spaces. Community building through social activities and an international volunteer network.


We lead immersive workshops and create urban garden spaces to foster sustainable communities. We work with local communities, international volunteers, recycled materials, local plants and other organisations.


In line with the SDG‘s we want to reduce the adverse environmental impact of cities and provide access to safe, inclusive and accessible green and public spaces. We also aim to provide quality education that is focused on sustainable communities.


This project is directed towards communities where Prime is active to strengthen community bonds and provide an opportunity to learn new things and improve our sustainability as a community.


Prime and partners organise community workshops that focus on upcycling, sharing important messages artistically, urban gardening and community participation, building and other skill areas.

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Further information

This project has been undertaken in various instalments. First in San Javier, this project continues to spread around Medellín and involve more and more organisations and communities.

The Prime community in Comuna 13 banded together to renovate 2 public spaces. The initial project involved a lost of waste removal and a general garden renovation. Vegetables and fruits were planted for the community, a hanging garden was setup, a fresh lick of paint was given to the whole area and a sunflower mural painted. The project extended into la cancha in 2018 with another 50 recycled planters and community events.


We had spent a long time wondering where they could have a shared garden space. There were thoughts of putting a garden near the beautiful lookout under the metrocable or perhaps around the now defunct Parque Biblioteca España. However, the idea struck literally and figuratively above us.

What better idea than to have a visible community garden on the roof of El Cedezo where we had our classes on Thursday. It was a local meeting point and and an active community space that was visible as you flew over it in the metrocable to Santo Domingo station. The space was well frequented but lacked life and colour.

With permission from the El Cedezo team and  with support from MIEO and Tierralab, the Proyecto Prime community was able to start planning El Cedezo Community Garden.


  • Storytellers
  • MIEO
  • Kagumu Adventures
  • El Cedezo
  • Tierralab
  • TrashArt
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