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Connect with community and nature.


caminata al lado del rio en colombia
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To expand the impact of our projects, we have created ecological tours that help to sustain our work and provide employment opportunities. In addition, our guides become bilingual people since, belonging to our program, they are trained in the English language, to provide a professional experience in our tours.

During our tours, participants can participate in a language exchange with foreigners and with the guides, they practice English with the participants who come to practice Spanish.


Santo Domingo to Santa Elena

Santo Domingo is a commune of urbanisation and community resilience. Connected to the metrocable this tour gives you multiple perspectives to what is known as urban invasion and how that formed communited.

A viewpoint that gives a glimpse of Medellín. When ascending in the first Metrocable of the city, you can see from the sky the history of a neighborhood that began as a dream. A place full of art and community, where you will find the innovative Parque Biblioteca de España and the delicious empanadas de la Eterna Primavera.

From there you continue up the urbanisations of Medellín, passing distinct communities as you climb the skirting mountains and arrive to a lagoon. Relax in the space, maybe get a traditional lunch and head down through Arvi park.

 Altitude: 2500
Transport: Bus, metrocable*

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chorros de campana en envigado

Salto del angel & Chorro de las campanas

An amazing trek that you can connect with the comprehensive public transport system and travel from the inner city out to Envigado and the natural paradise just ouside of the town limits. On this hike you will discover two waterfalls in the mountains of Envigado. There, you will have the opportunity to hike through a ravine and two mountains. A mixed trail that follows the natural watercourse and delivers you to some beautiful waterfalls and amazing natural scenes. Altitutde: 2100m Transport: train, bus

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san rafael chocolate with coffee

San Rafael
Rivers and Chocolate

Travel to San Rafael and stay in a rustic retreat to enjoy the peaceful relaxation of your own natural swimming pool at the foot of a waterfall. Choose from a variety of experiences led by amazing people that also supports the local economy.

San Rafael and Sweet Chocolate

Stay on a traditional farm (with a sweet twist) in the San Rafael area surrounded by amazing rivers, beautiful nature, and a traditional style of life.

Relax in your private cabin disconnected from the world and enjoy authentic campesino experiences and your own private sanctuary. 


  • hikes and farm experiences
  • fishing and birth watching
  • river visit and other excursions

Altitutde: 990m

Transport: bus, private

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Rio Sucio Past Carneval

Rio Sucio Culture

A full 3 day immersion in the town of the Carneval of the Devial (Carneval del diablo). Learn more about Riosucio it’s polarised history as a community and share in the local culture, cuisine and customs.

A full immersion in the culture of Rio Sucio

An amazing town with an incredible history and a biannual festival of the diablo. Not to be confused with the Christian namesake, this devil of the area has its own history and cultural traditions.

Celebrate diverse food options from local non-transgenic seed guardians to modern chefs with new fusion recipes. Take part in various traditions and enjoy samples from various local artisanal producers an creators. For the more energetic travellers there are also hikes, retreats ad other outings to enjoy.

A customisable experience based on your personal interests and energy levels. 

  • Artesenal breweries, vineyards and food experiences
  • Hikes and bike trails around the area
  • Visit waterfalls, indigenous communities and sustainable iniciatives

Altitutde: 1780m

Transport: bus, private

Lina María PalaciosLina María Palacios
21:47 07 Dec 21
Es un lugar en el que de verdad se preocupan por una como estudiante y como persona. Los procesos de enseñanza aprendizaje van a tus propios ritmos y los profes son genial! La verdad, los recomiendo muchísimo.
Laura CristinaLaura Cristina
20:29 07 Dec 21
Es un gran lugar para aprender idiomas. Además de ofrecer una formación diferente basada en experiencias, permite el intercambio cultural con personas de diferentes lugares del mundo. Aprender en Primed es poder disfrutar también de eventos culturales.¡Súper recomendado!
Jacobo MoralesJacobo Morales
21:26 16 Jul 21
Excelente espacio para aprender no solo idiomas, sino culturas y tradiciones de la manera posible. Lo super recomiendo a cualquier persona.
Es un excelente lugar para aprender un idioma, dado que su metodología es inmersiva y los profesores de muy buen nivel académico. Además hacen eventos que permiten el intercambio de lenguas y conocerse diversos temas.
18:23 04 Sep 20
Un excelente espacio para aprender, los profesores son increíblemente buenos, atentos, comprensivos y dispuestos a ayudar. La manera como se enseña es excelente, pues te hacen entrar en contacto con el idioma de una manera muy amena. Sin duda alguna una maravillosa opción para aprender ese idioma que tanto se ha soñado.