We want to help you learn through immersive, personalised experiences and a supportive community. 

Learn by doing.

What we use

Personalised content

We work with you to personalise a plan that meets your goals, focus and learning style.

Communication focus

Whether you’re a beginner or advanced, you’ll start speaking and communicating right away.

Real-world experiences

Learn from native speakers who teach through practical and immersive experiences.

Our Methodology

Step 1.

Engaging Content

Have fun learning with relevant and interesting content through videos, games, music and other resources.

Step 2.

Activities / Interactions

Practise and improve through self-guided study, activities, and optional interactions with native speakers.

Step 3.

Personalised Session

Personalised sessions taught by native speakers and designed around your level, likes, and needs.


We live in a connected world where our physical and digital lives interact. We’ve designed an immersive methodology that extends your learning environments both online and face to face to engage your brain on all levels.


We are strong believers in learning through doing what you love and actually communicating — not just studying. Go to the market, take classes in the park, and join rewarding social projects. Create, design, develop, evolve and get involved.


We focus on active learning during the sessions with your teacher. So we use a flipped methodology that primes you with resources and activities before the sessions, not afterward like traditional homework.


We focus on practical use of the language in scenarios you’d encounter in the real world. The subjects you’re interested in determine the vocabulary and content you learn.

Authentic and Experiential

The most effective way to learn a language is to train your brain in practical, real-world scenarios. That’s why we focus on learning through authentic, interactive experiences. ​

Want to know more?

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