We are community

We believe that we all have something to share and we can do more in community. Therefore, we offer our thanks to the community for being part of it. If you share something with us, you can receive discounts, offers, gifts and credit for products and services in our community.

Our offer of courses and classes included in our community membership.

icono de manos voluntarios


We offer you a 5% discount on one of our programs that you choose to provide your service 1 day a week as a volunteer in one of our social projects.

icon connected hands as allies


If you come from one of our partners or allies and also want to provide your services by writing blogs, articles or provide us with advice in a specific field in our community, we can give you up to a 10% discount on one of our programs.

icono de manos voluntarios con habilidades


Share your knowledge through a workshop aimed at our community and you will get up to 15% discount on the program you choose.

icono de ideas saliendo de una caja


Access the Community Pass by being part of our Full Immersion program or by contributing our projects directly. With your Primed points you will have access to a 15% discount on all our experiences.

primed community pass violeta

Community Membership

The community pass gives access to content, resources, events, workshops and courses to increase your learning and experience while supporting our social projects.