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Salsa with Samara

Our expert salsa dancer, Samara, teaches classes in both English and Spanish.

Whether you want to learn with a partner, bring friends along, or have your own private class, she’ll have you ready for Son Havana and Tibiri in no time.

Since she was a kid growing up on Colombia’s Caribbean coast, Samara has always been a dancer. She loves most dance styles, but focuses on Cuban salsa.


What she loves most about teaching is seeing her students fall in love with dancing as they let themselves be moved by the rhythm of the music.


Samara believes Cuban salsa is therapeutic; a perfect way to leave your troubles behind as you express yourself and your emotions through your body.

Cuban salsa, or Casino as it’s known in its home country, was born in Havana’s dance halls in the 1950s. Its Afro-Caribbean roots give this dance style its sabor.


Cuban salsa is a relaxed, flowing style of dance. Like all salsa, it is playful, rhythmic, and energetic — meant to be danced in a flirtatious and social way.


Looking for yoga classes in Medellín? Join us for hatha classes in English or Spanish with Alvaro, our bilingual teacher from Madrid, Spain. You’ll also support community projects at the same time.

Go through Asanas and Pranayama exercises in a 90 minute flow. All classes are at Proyecto Prime in Laureles. Mats are available for free, or you can bring your own.

Alvaro is a hatha yoga teacher certified by Inbound Yoga. He has extensive experience teaching adults, teenagers, and kids. When he’s not teaching English or yoga, you can find him riding his bike, climbing, or hiking a beautiful Colombian mountain.

Hatha yoga refers to any type of yoga that teaches physical postures. Most yoga you will find in the West is a type of hatha yoga.


Our hatha yoga classes are great for beginners and advanced students alike. They introduce you to the basic yoga postures, which you can build upon. You’ll leave class feeling stronger, looser, and more relaxed as you align your body, mind, and spirit.

Workshop Experiences

a win / win. Ive also enjoyed the salsa classes they offer - a great organization to get in touch with

Jack L.

A great way to learn another language and culture, experiencing/observing life with the locals

Jenn B.

Past Workshops

Sustainable Development

4 areas of sustainability development and our impact


Leadership skills and how to lead effectively

English + Arts - Pulso

Experiential workshops using the arts


How to create an effective kickstarter

Dungeons and Dragons

Immersion in classic boardgames

Science - Icornology

Science about pollution, recycling and efficiency


Creating your clown character and improvisation

Agroecology - Tierralab

Urban agriculture and ecology


Urban gardens and cultivation

Health eating - Cups of Geen

Dietary choices and alkaline/acidic food


Photography, phones and descriptions


Hula hooping and illusion

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