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more learning and cultural experiences

There is no better way to learn than by doing. We offer dives among our community on various topics. Using your Community Membership you have access to various monthly events where you can learn things. things and make friends. We also offer private experiences to immerse you in learning and getting to know Colombian culture.

Private Experiences

profesora de baile y creadora de conversemos y bailemos

Go out dancing

You have the opportunity to go with us to one of the best salsa bars in Medellín so that you can practice all the steps you have learned.


Come and enjoy this Colombian sport in which you can show your skills by throwing a metal disk towards a clay court in which you must explode a gunpowder fuse. Also, have a beer with us and practice your English or Spanish in our language exchange while playing this sport.


Get to know the city by bike accompanied by our local guides. We know the best routes and the best places to enjoy a new perspective of the city and get to know the place carefully like a local. In addition, you can practice English or Spanish during the tour.

You can also rent bicycles with us, during your stay in the city, to transport you in a friendly way.

Colombian cooking

Learn more about Colombian culture through our gastronomy. Cook the best preparations accompanied by locals who make the best arepas, patacones, hogao, empanadas or beans while you practice your Spanish.

cafe y espresso de un taller

Coffee Culture

Learn more about the best coffee in the world and the different preparations you can make. Learn more about the best coffee in the world In this immersive experience you will test your level in the language you are learning and the different preparations you can make.

Workshops and Immersions - Compartamos

We facilitate learning spaces led by experts in their subjects.

Leadership, SMART goals, gender equality, storytelling, STEM, creative writing to bollywood dancing. Experiential workshops that offer real contexts to learn new things, meet new people and improve in languages.

chota graffiti with elephant memory comuna 13

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