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Dance classes and workshops

In Colombia, dancing is a pillar of culture. We offer classes and workshops with local teachers and experts in their styles. It is not just salsa that is experienced in Latin America, there are rhythms everywhere and each one has its own history. Connect with the community and learn about the culture.

Some of the styles we have available

Cuban Salsa


Salsa has its own styles. At Primed we focus on Cuban Salsa and Salsa Choke. The local.

Musical culture born of Caribbean and African rhythms that have resisted until today being considered the most danced styles in Colombia and the world. Currently there are many ways to dance salsa due to the migrations it has had from Cuba, but they all come together with the same rhythm – the clave.

salsa choke


It is a style of salsa culture, originating from the Colombian Pacific coast and inspired by traditional salsa fused with urban rhythms.



Its name comes from the flute called chirimía (wind instrument), it is tradition and culture, joy surrounding the same party. The Chocoano folklore of the Pacific coast maintains the ancestral heritage of spirit and life through bodily expression.



Musical rhythm and traditional Colombian folk dance, has African, indigenous and Spanish cultural aspects as a result of the colonial era. It originated in the Atlantic Coast region and is danced to the rhythm of drums, flutes/pipes and songs as an experience and testimony of the immemorial past and the origins of Colombian diversity.



At the beginning of this musical and dance genre, it was used in the funeral rites of the Pacific Region of Colombia, but, over the years, it has become an expression of joy, reunion and celebration. Drums are essential in this rhythm. 



Fusion of African and Caribbean rhythms of the Colombian Caribbean Region, originating from the Afro-descendant population of San Basilio de Palenque and Cartagena de Indias, historically popular areas for using culture and dance as a method of survival.

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