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What does it help us do?

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Community classes and workshops

We offer free classes and workshops to communities in vulnerable situations with the purpose of expanding opportunities, training skills and creating sustainable communities.

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Learning and cultural spaces

We all have something to share. In our spaces we promote education from and within the community. We connect with experts to share quality learning.

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Impact Projects

We are always connecting community, forming projects aligned with our vision. Since the Storytellers we have been focused on growing together with our community.

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Apoyar proyectos
aportar a nuestros proyectos en curso con una donacion o siendo voluntario desde cualquier parte del mundo
Eventos comunitarios
todos los eventos mencionados abajo
Cursos Comunitarios
cursos de auto-estudio en nuestra plataforma
Recursos de aprendizaje
Herramientas y recursos para ayudarte seguir aprendiendo
Contenido de la Comunidad
articulos, videos, talleres, arte, charlas y todo que tiene que ver con educaion de calidad y comunidades sostenibles de impacto
Regalo de la tienda
Algo de nuestra tienda de iniativias locales que alinean con nuesta vision
Community points
Saldo para invertir en cursos, interacciones, talleres, experiencias y nuestra tienda
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Community Experiences

Included in our basic Community Pass

tile of people playing music on patch



Open microphone with social purpose. ‘Parche’ to enjoy the arts and support social projects.



Talks about various topics led by experts for the purpose of sharing knowledge.


tile of people chatting in language exchange
tile of people dancing in primed community



Latin and Colombian rhythm dance classes mixed with cultural understanding.




Yoga and other activities to take a moment to breathe.

tile of we breathe yoga in primed community
Volunteer and teacher juggling

parche en el parque


The park culture is strong. We connect and share juggling, meals, slackline, acroyoga, music and more.


Comuna Christmas


Event to bring a Merry Christmas to the children of the communities with which we work. We bring gifts and fun making that date a unique day for children.

santa claus volunteer with children from commune 13 san javier
volunteers, students and storytellers in the cedezo community garden



Seeking to make an impact in our community, we connect all possible help from the community to develop our different experiences. Connect with our community by collaborating as a volunteer in a unique and unforgettable experience.

Workshops and Immersions - Compartamos


We facilitate learning spaces led by experts in their area.

Leadership, SMART goals, gender equality, storytelling, BSTEAM, creative writing, even bollywood dancing. Experiential workshops that offer real contexts to learn new things, meet new people and improve in languages.

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