Get ready for your English Exam

Designed to help you ace your IELTS or TOEFL exams. Learn the language and test-taking skills you need to pass your English exam.

Our Exam Preparation Process

Use our proven model of English learning and exam preparation to help you pass the test. You can focus on what you need to know and any soft spots in your speaking, reading, writing and listening.

Take a placement test

You need at least an intermediate (B1) level of English to pass the exam. Take our placement test to qualify.

Catch up or continue on

If you don’t pass our placement test, don’t worry. We’ll create a plan to get you where you need to be.

Learn and practise

The course takes between 20 to 60 hours, plus study time. Get ready for the exam quickly and efficiently.

Ace the exam

The course improves your English and teaches you the test-taking skills you need to pass the exam.

Why choose us?

Use our exam experience

Our academic manager has prepared students for exams for 10+ years. She created the course because she knows what works and how to achieve results.

We also teach test-taking

Most programs focus just on teaching you the language. We also teach you how to take the test.

We’ll help you learn quickly

Learn exactly what you need to know quickly so you can be prepared. Get ready in as little as 20 hours of class, depending on your level of English.

Practice in a real test environment

We replicate and simulate test environments so you can be 100% comfortable when you take your exam.

Primed Benefits

Learning Portal

Online activities to supplement your learning and connect with other learners

Interaction Sessions

Have conversations or do guided activities with native English speakers

Partner Benefits

Get benefits like discounts, freebies and gifts from our partners in the community

Immersion Experiences

Use English in real experiences to improve in a natural and productive way

Which exam is right for you?

Learn the English and skills needed to pass the test. Guided test preparation based on your exam content.

Widely accepted standard of English proficiency in Europe, Australia, and a growing number of US based entities accept it.

English proficiency for Education and unviersity. Mostly accepted in the US but also in the UK and Australia.

Cambridge qualifications give students admission to international universities.

English language proficiency in US social, academic, and workplace contexts 

Effective exam preparation to improve your English and pass the test

Want some help preparing for your exam?

We offer a 15 minute speaking test to understand your English level
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