Become more fluent

Our English Fluency program helps you improve your conversational skills, vocabulary and grammar.

Through guided interactions with native speakers and personalised feedback sessions you can become proficient and fluent in English.


Key features

Choose your content

We have a library of engaging videos about diverse themes to choose from. You can also choose the topic to discuss.

Engaging interactions

Talk about your interests and new topics with native speakers. Flexible scheduling and connect from anywhere.

Have fun

English doesn’t have to make you feel embarrassed. We make it interesting with dynamic activities and experiences.

Talk to native speakers

Connect with English native speakers from around the world. Learn vocabulary and accents through interactions.

Personalised feedback

Get personalised feedback about your interaction, do activities and get tips in sessions with qualified teachers.

Blended learning

Use interactions, online content and engaging sessions to amplify your learning experience in different contexts.

English Fluency

Get comfortable and continue to improve your English with engaging conversations and personalised feedback.

Our process

Watch themed videos about your personalised topic and prepare for your interaction (conversation with a native speaker).

Talk 1-on-1 with a native speaker about what you watched. Practice speaking English naturally in a relaxed environment.

Get personalised feedback on your interaction. Similar to a typical class, but with directed activities and experiences.

Prime Benefits

Online activities to supplement your learning and connect with other learners.

Have conversations or do guided activities with native English speakers.

Get benefits like discounts, freebies and gifts from our partners in the community.

Use English in real experiences to improve in a natural and productive way. 

perfect for intermediate to advanced students who want to be more conversational

English fluency packages

Improve your English fluency through having engaging conversations with native speakers and then get personalised feedback in a private class. You can study completely online, partially face to face or everything in-person. You Choose!

Each format includes 9 hours of sessions and 3 hours of extras –  videos, content and other activities.
  • everything online
  • 8 online interactions
  • 8 online feedback sessions
  • 9 hours of sessions
  • 3 hours of videos/content/activities
  • face to face feedback
  • 8 online interactions
  • 4 in-person feedback sessions
  • 9 hours of sessions
  • 3 hours of videos/content/activities
Face to face
  • everything face to face
  • 4 in-person interactions
  • 4 in-person feedback sessions
  • 9 hours of sessions
  • 3 hours of videos/content/activities
Online - 30 minutesOnline - 45 minutes
In-person - 60 mintesIn person - 90 minutes

Talk to us to improve your fluency

We offer a free verbal levelling at our learning space or on zoom

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