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Fluency course summary

Our English Fluency Course is specifically designed for improving fluency for people that already have a language base.  Our openform English curriculum  utilises diverse resource and videos to inspire engaging conversations that you can have with member of our community. After your interactive conversation you then connect with a qualifed teacher to go over the areas with room for improvement.

Free & Guided

Engage and learn with the content you want and be inspired by our collection of immersive content.

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A self-guided focus with individual sessions for interaction and feedback that supports our community.

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Connect with amazing community members and have engaging conversations with diverse people.

Extra resources and motivation

Videos, pictures, articles, games and achievements to help keep you engaged and motivated.

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All the self-directed content you need to continue your journey towards fluency and extra interactions and feedback to refine your language skills. You get to learn with varied content and you can even submit your own to continually refine your English.

Community Membership is normally 50,000COP (included value +250,000 COP) a month but is included with any of our personalised learning packages and offers.

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English learning across all levels from the basics to practising your fluency

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Courses aimed at developing life skills and working on personal development.

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Live and virtual events, exchanges, workshops, and classes almost every day of the week.

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Choose your personalised learning programs intensity and extra immersion experiences.

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Lina María PalaciosLina María Palacios
21:47 07 Dec 21
Es un lugar en el que de verdad se preocupan por una como estudiante y como persona. Los procesos de enseñanza aprendizaje van a tus propios ritmos y los profes son genial! La verdad, los recomiendo muchísimo.
Laura CristinaLaura Cristina
20:29 07 Dec 21
Es un gran lugar para aprender idiomas. Además de ofrecer una formación diferente basada en experiencias, permite el intercambio cultural con personas de diferentes lugares del mundo. Aprender en Primed es poder disfrutar también de eventos culturales.¡Súper recomendado!
Jacobo MoralesJacobo Morales
21:26 16 Jul 21
Excelente espacio para aprender no solo idiomas, sino culturas y tradiciones de la manera posible. Lo super recomiendo a cualquier persona.
00:32 27 Oct 20
I've improved my English a lot with your classes. Also for foreigners looking to learn Spanish, it's a very good place, you'll learn it while having experiences speaking it.
Es un excelente lugar para aprender un idioma, dado que su metodología es inmersiva y los profesores de muy buen nivel académico. Además hacen eventos que permiten el intercambio de lenguas y conocerse diversos temas.
18:23 04 Sep 20
Un excelente espacio para aprender, los profesores son increíblemente buenos, atentos, comprensivos y dispuestos a ayudar. La manera como se enseña es excelente, pues te hacen entrar en contacto con el idioma de una manera muy amena. Sin duda alguna una maravillosa opción para aprender ese idioma que tanto se ha soñado.
02:58 20 Aug 20
My experience improving my English speaking skills online with Primed Community has been wonderful. They have created a useful and helpful place online for people like me who want to practice english as a second language. They not only give us the opportunity to learn English but also to grow and expand our knowledge by sharing our thoughts and different points of view on very interesting topics. I would recommend Primed Community to anyone because they are doing a great job and making a positive impact on society. Thanks you!
Florian JungFlorian Jung
03:11 02 Feb 20
Thats probaly the best place to learn spanish in Medellin!Enthusiastic, knowledgeable, profound and with the right involvement in the comuna.
Gerardo AriasGerardo Arias
18:00 24 Sep 19
My name is Marleny, and I want to share my experiencie with Primed Community, I love to learn English, and I feel really grateful for this proyect, through that, I have improved my English, and I am ready to face all the challengues.Thanks.
Alejandra VelásquezAlejandra Velásquez
16:58 24 Sep 19
The best of our one commune 😍😍😍👏👏👏👏

We have English and Spanish programs plus other specialised programs. These are

Spanish fluency

Learn Spanish

English Fluency

Learn English

At Primed Community we rely on the Common European Framework of Reference —MCER— to establish learning levels. Thus, all our programs cover levels A1-A2, B1, B2 etc. In turn, each level is divided into 10 modules.
As stipulated by the Ministry of Education, each learning level lasts 200 hours of study, which are divided into 20-hour modules. The time that the student takes to complete each level will depend on the weekly hour intensity of each one. We have regular, semi-intensive and intensive programs.

Yes of course! To enter an intermediate or advanced level, you only need to be certified at your current level or take a placement exam with us. This exam consists of a written part where writing and reading skills are assessed, and an oral part in which speaking and listening are assessed. 

Yes, we have classes in a technology-assisted mode (virtual) and face-to-face classes at our Laureles headquarters, Medellín.

Primed Community language classes are taught, mainly, under two methodologies:

Task Based Learning: This is a methodology that builds confidence in the student, as it is aligned with the way we naturally learn a language. It consists of structuring the class in three spaces: pre-task, where the teacher gives the student the context and the learning tools; task, where students develop a task proposed by the teacher; and post-task where the evaluation and self-evaluation of the tasks is carried out. This methodology allows the student to face contexts of use of the language, focusing on the practice of this, which is ideal for learning a language.

Flipped Classroom: In this methodology, students have an approach to the content of the class before entering it, taking better advantage of the learning space guided by the teacher and focusing on the individual work of the student, which maximizes the progress of the class. himself and gives him independence.

We have both! Our staff of teachers is made up of both native English-speaking teachers and Colombian graduates in language teaching. Thus, both are fully qualified and trained to teach classes to students at any level of learning.

At the moment, we are qualified to issue learning certificates, which we give you every time you complete a level (A1-A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2). Likewise, we are working hard in the certification process to obtain our license with the Ministry of Education.

Programs that promise to learn a new language in 6 months with only 5 minutes of study a day are not real! Acquiring the basic knowledge of a new language involves an average of 300 hours of study. However, all learning depends on the responsibility and individual commitment of the students. We will provide you with all the necessary tools to reach your goal and the time in which you reach it will depend on you.

We have three different payment methods:

Making a transfer to our bank account.

Paying online with a credit card through PayU and PayPal

Going to our Laureles headquarters to pay in cash.

We have open registrations all year round. Contact us for advice and start the enrolment process! You can go to our office, write us or call us on our main customer service line: +57 304 391 23 05.

Learning a language goes hand in hand with how you use it, so practice should be your priority in the process. Our class methodology is focused on practice, however, to reinforce this you can attend our bilingual events where you can do language exchange. Likewise, you can purchase our learning platform, where you can study and review the topics 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you are interested in being part of our work team, send us your resume and certificates to the email If you have a joint work proposal, you can also send it to that email.

Of course we do, at Primed Community we believe in education for all. This is why people aged 16 and over can enroll in our group classes. However, if you or a family member are minors, we have special groups for pre-adolescents or children in which they can enroll, as well as private classes guided by professionals.
Each month we have a varied calendar of events and activities, ranging from language exchange and reading clubs to dance and yoga classes. To find out about our complete offer, you can visit our calendar by clicking here or follow us on our social networks, you can find us in all of them as @
If you enrolled in private classes and had an emergency, you must cancel your class at least 24 hours in advance and reschedule it with your teacher. If you enrolled in group classes, you cannot make a cancellation, you must always comply with the class schedule that corresponds to the entire group.

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