Perfect for anyone who wants to use English and connect to the English-speaking world. While this course curriculum is more structured than our other courses, you still get to learn your way. 

Talk with native speakers and receive a personalised learning plan based on the Common European Framework (CEFR) international standards. 


Structured approach

We use the Common European Framework (CEFR) to guide our course and help you level up your English.

Have fun

You don't have to feel embarrassed speaking English. We make it interesting with dynamic activities and experiences.

Blended learning

Amplify your learning experience in different contexts with interactions, online content and engaging sessions.

Suitable for all levels

Whether you’re advanced (C1-C2) or brand new (A1-A2), we’ll meet you at your level with tailored content.

It's not just grammar

You’ll learn functional language in real scenarios outside the classroom and put it to use interacting with native speakers.

Track your progress

Easily understand your level of English, how close you are to your goals, your successes to date and what's coming up.


Start your learning journey or take your English up a level. We provide a structured approach that can be adapted to how you want to learn. Become more fluent with online resources and interactions to boost your in-person sessions.

Engaging Content

Have fun learning new content with videos, games, music and other resources.

Activities and Interactions

Practise and improve your English with self-guided activities and optional interactions.

Personalised Sessions

Personalised English sessions taught by native speakers and designed around your level, likes and needs.  


Learning Portal

Online activities to supplement your learning and connect with other learners

Interaction Sessions

Have conversations or do guided activities with native English speakers

Partner Benefits

Get benefits like discounts, freebies and gifts from our partners in the community

Immersion Experiences

Use English in real experiences to improve in a natural and productive way


Learn and improve your English through guided learning and personalised sessions with native speakers. You can study completely online, in person, or a little bit of both. You choose!

Each option includes learning sessions, personalised resources and self-study content on our portal. Learn faster and practise more through experiences and interactions with native speakers.

Basic (8 hours)
368,000 COP
  • 4 in-person sessions (6 hours)
  • Bonus content - self-guided study (2 hours)
  • Immersive experiences like salsa and volunteer opportunities
  • Discounts on food, events and more through our partners

Let's talk about your English goals

We offer a free 15 minute speaking test to understand your English level
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