Do you or your team want to speak the language of international business? Learn English in our immersive sessions customised for your needs and support community projects at the same time.

We’ll tailor your program based on your goals — whether you want to grow your business globally, give impactful presentations on a specific topic, get a promotion or something else.

Key Features

Meet your specific goals

We’ll sit down with you and listen to what you need so we can customise a plan for you and your team.

Have fun

You shouldn't feel embarrassed to speak English. We make it interesting with dynamic activities and experiences.

Learn your way

Choose how and where you study. Join our online platform, bring your team to our workspace, or we’ll come to you.

Progress quickly

We know you’re busy. Our teachers are native speakers who give you the practical English you need right away.

Develop professionally

Learn from workshops led by English-speaking professionals. Great for team building and networking.

Support the community

When you take classes with us, you support the impactful community projects where we invest our profits.


English is spreading around the world rapidly and is being driven by business. That’s why we use language in immersive situations with teamwork, networking and professional development integrated into our methodology.


Step 1

We sit with you and we listen to what your needs are. Why are you learning English?

Step 2

We personalise the options based on your team and budget. Our program is based on the Common European Framework (CEFR) international standard.

Step 3

We design a program based on your goals, whether you want to grow your business internationally, give inspiring presentations or something else.


Learning Portal

Online activities to supplement your learning and connect with other learners

Interaction sessions

Learn vocabulary and accents by interacting with native English speakers from around the world

Partner benefits

Get benefits like discounts, freebies and gifts from our partners in the community

Immersion Experiences

Use English in real experiences to improve in a natural and productive way

Let's talk about your business English goals

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