Ed Broadbent

Community developer  and project manager with over 5 years of experience directing Primed Community from Medellín, Colombia. Creating opportunities and impact through providing integral education opportunities to people in situations of vulnerability.

What I love to do

Community Cocreations

Creamos que lo mejor se contruye juntos y esto es que nos anima a seguir construyendo.

Project Design and Implementation

We implement projects related to education, development, health and community wellbeing.

Skills Development and Training

We development courses and workshops within a comprehensive, content and  based pedagogy.

Integral Health Education

We integrate health and wellbeing education materials into our projects to amplify our impact.

What I’ve learnt

Public Health / Health Promotion
Community Psychology
Educational Pedagogies

What’s been done?

What’s been said?

Professional development

After a life changing motorbike accident in India, studies in psychology and public health (health promotion) and a visit to Comuna 13 in Medellín, Primed Community was created.