Support our community

Share sustainable opportunities for people in situations of vulnerability.

Donate to our community

Each donation goes towards our ongoing social projects for people in situations of vulnerability in Colombia.

What does it do?

With your support we are able to continue our workin the community and provide an immersive experience for all members of our community regardless of their situation

Community Classes

We offer free classes and workshops to communities with the purpose of expanding opportunities, training skills and creating sustainable communities.

Learning Spaces

We all have something to share. In our spaces we promote education from and within the community. We connect with experts to share quality learning.

Support our allies

We connect with our community and support the growth and development of projects that align with our vision and sustainable objectives

Impactful projects

We are always connecting community, forming projects aligned with our vision. Since the Storytellers we have been focused on growing together with our community.

Our Activity

This is how we connect with our community and support sustainable change.

Community Empowerment

Help the communities where we are active in Colombia to connect to opportunity.

Strategic Development

We partner with organisations and communities to help them empower themselves

Volunteer Engagement

We connect volunteers and experts with projects to maximise impact.

Education Opportunites

We support sustainable change via bringing learning opportunies to communities.

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Supporting opportunities for everyone

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