Storytellers Formation


Training of Local Bilingual Guides

Storytellers are a program supported by the Primed Community that aims to create decent employment in the sustainable tourism sector. Primed is a social enterprise focused on learning and community. We provide English and skills sessions using our experience based methodology.

Winners of Recon Colombia 2019 for social entrepreneurship in the peace and human development category


What do we do?

We provide English learning sessions and training of tour guides to underserved populations. This project is offered as a combined language learning and skill development opportunity. 

Why do we do it?

People lack opportunities, not ability. English is a great skill to develop that helps connect globally and expand employment opportunities. In Colombia, many people do not have access to quality education options.

Who do we do it for?

This project is aimed at population in situations of vulnerability, mainly young people between the ages of 16 and 20. We have implemented the methodology in Comuna 13 (San Javier) and Comuna 1 (Santo Domingo), done pilots in Termales, El Choco.

How do we do it?

We use a CLIL methodology based on experience focused on functional English, storytelling and being a guide. The sessions are offered free of charge and have the support of public entities such as El Cedezo and the José Luis Arroyave Restrepo de San Javier Library Park.


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