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disaster relief aid

After the landslide disaster in Mocoa, Proyecto Prime decided to get involved and support a struggling community. To raise funds for disaster relief, activities were held in English and Spanish on Prime and The Wandering Paisa. The stairway storytellers also contributed by providing a guided tour of Comuna 13 and all advice was given in the background. There were games, activities, a tour and an exchange offered by our community to help Mocoa. We raised 1,200,000 COP for disaster relief.

How was it?

Primed Community organized a series of language workshops on April 9, 2017 to help raise funds to send to Mocoa after the recent tragedy. The English department began by organizing a morning of activities in English at PRIME Medellín, while the Spanish department headed to The Wandering Paisa to showcase a variety of immersive activities for eager tourists. Subsequently, the team raised more funds in Comuna 13 by presenting their regular Sunday classes and workshops. The day ended with the storytellers showing their charitable nature by taking a guided tour of the community and donating their proceeds to the collection. Everyone had a blast and we hope that our contribution can help make a difference.

Once again, thank you all for your donations and The Wandering Paisa and The Stairway Storytellers for their contributions. Look at the event here

thank you for supporting us support mocoa


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