Community English



Created in 2015, on top of the picturesque escalators of Comuna 13 (Medellín), this project was started by Milena Palavilla with the purpose of teaching English for free for the development of the community. Initially, they were only English classes (Stairway to English), but later they became activities that led to language exchange and community tours [Inspired by Philippa Coleman in Santo Domingo].

Currently, it is a project with which we impact communities of Medellín and El Chocó, teaching English with an immersive methodology. Our sessions are supported by volunteers, developed in public spaces and with the participation of social entities.

What do we do?

Free community English sessions in Colombia supported by a network of volunteers and public entities such as El Cedezo and the José Luis Arroyave Restrepode Library in San Javier.

Why do we do it?

To provide social and economic opportunities that the community would not otherwise have. To create a network of locals and volunteers who speak English and have developed skills.

Who do we do it for?

Aimed at communities that can directly benefit from English. For example, in Medellín classes are held for Comuna 13 (San Javier), Comuna 1 (Santo Domingo, Popular) and Moravia; likewise, in Chocó classes are taught to the Termales community.

How do we do it?

With a methodology based on the experience of applying functional English, through storytelling and formation as a guide.