A strong community is only possible with strategic alliances. Our is made of individuals and organisations that align with our vision and want to make an impact.

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Who are our partners?


Stairway Storytellers are a local collective of English students that use their language and local knowledge providing tours of Medellín. Originally a project to help our students use English in, the Storytellers are now operating as local guides and living off their learning.

The Storytellers provide tours of their local area and share stories about its history and their own experience. Impactful tours organised in a sustainable way to support local communities

The storytellers are always helping out with our projects and also help provide funding for further projects through their tours. Some work directly as part of the Prime team.


LeanCase is a legal and accounting advisory team for entrepreneurs. They offer easy clear and affordable advice and services for business owners.

They support their clients from their initial stages with the creation of SAS, design of contracts, intellectual property, accounting and tax services until support in the investment processes. Everything entrepreneur

Leancase offer a free consultation to the Prime community and do shared events and workshops in Prime spaces.

Cafe Revolución

Café Revolución has proven to be a great place to meet great people and enjoy great coffee. A community staple in Laureles that has been serving great coffee since 2014

Cafe Revolución is a great bilingüal café located near the first park of Laureles. The second revolución (Café revolucion 2)
is conveniently near the second park of Laureles.
great place to meet foreigners and Colombians it has been a great source of caffeine, immersion and events.

Café Revolución supports our community directly through providing benefits to our current students. Any time our students purchase a drink they also get a free cookie. Free cookie? Yes, free cookie. 
We also de shared events and workshops.


Pulse is an artistic collective focused on creating, teaching and travelling. They provide an organise experiential workshops in English and Spanish.

Pulse is a moving social artistic collective that is currently working in Medellín, Colombia. They focus on theatre but also take part in other artistic community collaborations. The organisation creates a space for expression, art and alternative education within communities. They also explore the world of teaching and learning english and the different ways and possibilities of doing it.

Prime and Pulso have worked together on various workshops and events. A strategic ally in creating impactful workshops based on languages and the arts.

Casa Redonda

The Casa Redonda is a place to create and grow as a community. A coworking space full of life.

The Casa Redonda is a co-working space that seeks to use space as an excuse to work with pleasure, share with conviction and collaborate to grow.

Casa Redonda offers Prime students a free day to work in their space and  join and share with people from around the world. At Casa Redonda they want you to feel at home, so you can do events and activities together to generate greater impact.

Fundación Trash Art

Fundación Trash art hosts the Museo Urbano de Memoria in Santo Domingo that shares stories through the arts/graffiti

Trash Art is a local foundation associated with sustainable community tourism and grafitti.

Prime supports the Museo urbano de Memorias with workshops and also provides English training for tourism for the foundation.

Real World Connections (RWC)

Real World Connections is an initiative by Osama Eljabiri to teach entry level STEM courses to youth in Colombia.

RWC periodically visits with University level students and teachers to share their knowledge with the local population. Week long workshops are given about various themes.

Prime helps RWC with some local logistics and personnel and their community supports our students and the greater community.

Parque Biblioteca San Javier

The San Javier library is a community space with classrooms, computers and presentation spaces

Situated right next to the metrocable of San Javier this comunity space hosts various projects and events for the local community.

The San Javier library provides us with spaces for our free community English classes, gardening workshops and other presentations.

Rocco Gráficas

They treat their work as an art form and try to encourage literacy and education through their publications.

Situated right next to the metrocable of San Javier this comunity space hosts various projects and events for the local community.

Rocco provides free bi-monthly comics to encourage literacy. The idea is that if people have access to interesting content they are more likely to start reading. They also provide a free initial consultation for our community

Want to connect with us?

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  • Address:Circular 4 #71-31
  • Phone:+57 304 391 23 05
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