Through language learning and social experiences, we empower those in our community and help them give back.

The primed.community is a learning space and community based in Medellín, Colombia. We are a socially sustainable business with a cyclical model: we invest in the community so they can continue the process and give back to the community as well.

Our English and Spanish learning programs support social projects that improve the local community. Our students then use these languages for vocational opportunities, to volunteer with us, or work with us as teachers, tour guides and more. We also host events and workshops to fund our projects.

Our Story

The idea

On a visit to a project in Comuna 13 in 2016, Ed and his friends saw potential in the transformative experience of sharing languages. The local community and visiting foreigners were able to connect despite language barriers, have fun and help each other learn the language through direct experience. What if this could be formed into self-sustaining model?

The model

We are a socially sustainable business with a cyclical model. We teach English, Spanish and other skills so we can invest the profits into impact projects for the community. Our students use these languages and skills to grow community through volunteering, and we employ many of them as teachers, tour guides, and more.

Our Focus


When you learn a new language, you can connect with others you wouldn’t be able to otherwise and skills help you strengthen the bond. These sessions open up opportunities to learn, grow, share and give back.


We create social environments and immersive cultural experiences. We believe when we share with others and learn from each other, we can create positive and lasting change as a community.

Individuals supporting community.
Community supporting individuals.
Growing together.

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